Airbnb Taxes in 2019 Explained (Ep272)

Airbnb Taxes 2019 Explained

Airbnb Taxes in 2019 Explained (Ep272)

It's that time of the year again, the deadline for filing US taxes is April 15th. Reason enough to invite Miguel Centeno on the show to explain what Airbnb hosts need to know when filing their taxes and how they can avoid paying the IRS too much of course.

In addition to taxes, we also talk about investment insights that Miguel has gained over the years by filing the taxes of thousands of Airbnb hosts all over the US. One observation he has made is that a lot of his rural clients are outperforming those located in the big (sub)urban areas such as New York and Los Angeles.

Miguel has also personally joined the Airbnb tribe as he has invested in a beach front property in Baja California. We discuss the purchase process, the approach to renovating the property and the performance that Miguel is expecting.

Last but not least, Miguel is offering listeners a $50 discount on tax filings. Go to to take advantage of this offer or simply mention that you've listened to this podcast.

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  1. Taione Sikivou says:

    Thanks MIguel and Jasper for informative podcast. I listened to this directly after listening Ep 237, which i recommend as it provides great continuity. Below is the top 3 nuggets of knowledge i gained from this podcast episode;
    i) Setting up your finance/accounting system – Using accounting software that has automation. Having a separate bank account and credit directly associated to your AirBnB listings. “Make decision at the POS.”
    ii) Return on Asset (ROA) and how to think about locations for potential AirBnBs differently. “Look to catch the new wave before saturation.”
    iii) Investing in a different country – interesting, fun and challenging. Learn their business culture. Lower cost of doing business. Higher ROA especially when targeting tourist from Western countries.

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