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How to Avoid the Pandemic Partiers (Ep. 357)

The pandemic has limited our ability to engage in social interaction. Sporting events and concerts have been cancelled, nightclubs are closed and even restaurants are restricted to a limited capacity. And young people have turned to short-term rentals (STRs) as a party venue where they can meet up with friends and make bad decisions. So, what can you do as a host to avoid these pandemic partiers?

Michael Goldin is the Director of Business Development at NoiseAware, a noise protection service for vacation rentals. Functioning like a smoke detector for noise, the NoiseAware device notifies hosts when the noise level at a property exceeds their quiet hours setting—without violating the guest’s privacy. Prior to joining the team at NoiseAware, Michael led the business development team at Rented.com.

Watch the interview:

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Michael joins me to explain why parties have become such an issue for STR hosts in the last few months and why Airbnb’s measures to prevent parties haven’t been effective. He shares his top strategies for preventing partiers from booking your STR and discusses how to keep a party from taking place in your property during a guest’s stay. Listen in for Michael’s insight on how to approach the guest when you receive a notification from NoiseAware and learn your options for handling the situation (and keeping yourself safe) when there’s a party in progress at your Airbnb.

Topics Covered

Why parties have become an issue for STR hosts in the last few months

  • Usual outlets for social interaction restricted due to COVID
  • Young people home from college, less worried about virus
  • Multiplier effect of news coverage of Airbnb house parties

Why Airbnb’s measures to prevent parties haven’t been effective

  • Partiers pay friends to book through their listing account
  • Rent multiple houses in case party shut down at one

How to prevent partiers from booking your STR

  1. Mention NoiseAware device, provide photo in listing
  2. Use Autohost or Guardhog to catch bad actors
  3. Ask screening questions re: purpose of stay, etc.
  4. Say you’ll meet guest at property or live nearby
  5. Ban one-night stays (reduce party risk by 1/3)

How to prevent parties in your STR during a guest’s stay

  • Use NoiseAware to monitor noise inside
  • View number of people in and out with Ring doorbell

NoiseAware’s stats on the frequency of excessive noise in STRs

  • 1/20 stays = noise event that will disturb neighbors
  • 1/200 stays = full-blown party

What to do when you get a NoiseAware notification

  • Friendly text to remind guest of rules
  • Stern follow-up text if noise persists

What you can do if a party is taking place in your Airbnb listing

  1. Go to property yourself (can be dangerous)
  2. Call police
  3. Take photos from safe distance
  4. Share security company with other hosts

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