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Benefits of starting your own local STR alliance (Ep544)

“Short-term rentals is one of the most contentious topics happening at the town and city municipality level, across our country and around the world,” — Dana Lubner

The COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted how we live and work, and one of the most significant changes has been the rise in remote work. This has resulted in increased travel by digital nomads who can work from anywhere, increasing the popularity of short-term rentals.

This shift has also brought attention to the affordable housing crisis, leading to stricter regulations on short-term rentals by local, state, and global authorities.

But advocates and local alliances are deploying more strategic strategies, with fewer groups passively accepting potentially illegal regulations.

So how can short-term rental hosts join forces and engage at the local level to create a nationwide impact?

Dana Lubner is the head of advocacy at Rent Responsibly, working closely with local alliance leadership teams to ensure their success and collaborating with local alliance teams to achieve their goals. Before this, she co-led Effortless Rental Group, a property management firm in Colorado, with her brother. When Denver implemented regulations that threatened the growth of short-term rentals (STRs) in her community, she acted. Additionally, she sits on Denver's short-term rental advisory committee (STRAC) alongside City Council members.

Today on Get Paid for Your Pad, Dana joins me to discuss the trends she sees in short-term regulations.

We discuss the best practices for hosts to build bridges with their local policymakers and the three ways you can make an impact in your local area.

Listen in to learn how you can join forces to start your own STR alliance, the resources available to you through Rent Responsibly, and the unexpected benefits for hosts who get involved in advocacy in their local area.

Topics Covered

  • How Dana got into the STR Advocacy
  • Dana shares current trends in the STR regulation landscape
  • What is the effect of short-term rentals on local housing prices
  • How having a cap on the number of STR licenses issued might be a good thing
  • How hosts can build bridges with their local policymakers
  • The benefits of starting your own STR alliance
  • Best practices to build rapport with the policymakers in your area
  • The three ways to make an impact in your local area
  • Dana shares how to start your own STR alliance
  • Why you might want to make your alliance a 501(c)(6) organization
  • The secondary benefits of forming your own STR alliance
  • How small local wins can create ripple effects nationwide

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