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Build Your Hosting Business by Being the STR Expert in Your Market (Ep449)

Starting your own short-term rental business is probably not going to be an overnight success. So how can you stay motivated to put time into relationship building when you want to grow your business faster?

For Jim Odom, it was an overnight success… after a grueling five-year start up period. Jim is the co-Founder of Unveiled Vacation Rentals and runs a property management company, Unveiled Short-Term Rental Management. He doubled the size of his business in January 2022, going from three properties to six, and recently hosted a workshop for over 350 realtors in his market.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Jim joins me to discuss the importance of bringing value to realtors and property owners in your market.

He shares his unique approach to facilitating connections across multiple networks and how Facebook Groups can be an easy tool to do so.

Listen in for Jim’s insight on how to quickly grow your network and transition those connections into valuable relationships for your short-term rental properties. Your business’s big break might be just around the corner.

Topics Covered

  • Jim Odom’s experience in the Legends X STR Accelerator program
  • The mutually beneficial relationship between realtors and STR owners
  • Important first steps to consider when starting your own vacation rental business
  • Facilitating connection and bringing great value to those in your market’s network
  • Using Facebook Groups to create an online connection network with stakeholders in your market
  • The importance of showcasing your voice and authority in your market

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Unveiled STR Management

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