EP108: Building your Airbnb Brand with Airbnb Expert Susan Douglas


EP108: Building your Airbnb Brand with Airbnb Expert Susan Douglas

Susan Douglas is an Airbnb Branding Expert and Super Host that will be co-hosting a session with Jasper this year at the Airbnb Open! The session is titled “Building a Brand on Airbnb”.  This year the Airbnb Open is held in Los Angeles, CA from Thursday 11/17 to Saturday 11/19!

Susan got her start hosting on Airbnb in late 2014 and soon fell in love with the platform. Today, Susan is an avid Airbnb Brand Advocate and she currently provides helpful host and guest tips on her website airbnbexpert.com, as well as hand-picked Airbnb stay recommendations.

In this episode, Susan and Jasper talk about how Susan got started hosting on Airbnb, how you can find your niche and build your brand as a host on Airbnb.

For more info on the talk by Jasper and Susan and to see the Airbnb Open event schedule you can visit airbnbopen.com/schedule

Some of the topics covered:

  • Why Susan started hosting on Airbnb
  • The explosive growth of Airbnb
  • “The Airbnb Debate”
  • The difference between “hosted” and “non-hosted” homes on Airbnb
  • How Susan found her niche as a host
  • How you can find your niche and build your brand on Airbnb:
    • Look at other successful Airbnb’s in your area and read their reviews
    • What kind of people are renting these spots?
    • What are their interests?
    • What matters to them?
  • The Airbnb Open
  • What Airbnb is doing to combat strict regulations


Connect with Susan

Website: airbnbexpert.com

Email: Expert@AirbnbExpert.com

Social Media

Facebook – facebook.com/AirbnbExpert


Twitter: twitter.com/TheAirBnBexpert


  1. Tyler says:

    Hey Jasper – Loved listening to this conversation with Susan – so bummed I can’t come to Airbnb Open … hoping to get there for this first time in 2017! I’m sure you’ll come back with all kinds of great ideas and stories from LA – looking forward to it!

    • Jasper says:

      Thanks for the comment Tyler, I’m at the Airbnb Open now and will have a new podcast episode ready by Monday with updates on Airbnb!

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