CEO of Guest Ready explains how to manage 1000+ properties (Ep 267)

CEO of Guest Ready Ep267

CEO of Guest Ready explains how to manage 1000+ properties (Ep 267)

Today I talk to Alexander Limpert, CEO and founder of GuestReady, one of the leading property management companies for short term rentals.

Alexander used his experience working for Food Panda to start GuestReady. His vision was to create a system that would allow him to scale the business quickly. As part of this vision he built in-house software to manage the units, which was crucial to his success.

Alexander plans to make this software available to other property managers in the future to help them expand their business.

Topics include:

* Why Alexander started Guest Ready
* Why he chose to start in multiple locations in different continents
* The biggest challenges he faced building the business
* How he scaled from 0 to a 1000 listings in less than three years
* How he has managed to achieve close to five star ratings across all his listings

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