EP103: Hands-on hosting in New York city with Chris

Hands-on hosting in New York city with Chris

EP103: Hands-on hosting in New York city with Chris

There are many reasons people choose to host through Airbnb and similar platforms. Some host primarily for the money, but many do it for the opportunity to meet new people and establish lifetime friendships.

Chris from New York is such a host.  In addition to hosting through Airbnb, Chris is also an avid user of www.couchsurfing.com.

Couchsurfing.com is much like Airbnb in that you can use the platform to host guests and stay with hosts in cities across the globe. However, with couch surfing, no money changes hands, and it’s all about the experience of meeting new people.

Chris is a Lindy Hop Dancer, (an American dance that evolved in Harlem, NY in the 20’s and 30’s), and uses these sites to find other dancers and attend meetups.

Some of the Topics covered:

  • How Chris uses coachsurfing.com and Airbnb to meet and connect with new people
  • The origins of Lindy Hop Dancing
  • NY regulations
  • Hands-on hosting (guest interaction)
  • How Chris uses hostfully.com

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