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Discussion – 


How to Collaborate with Local Artists & Creatives (Ep 282)

Artists and creatives need space to work their magic, and a unique Airbnb can offer the perfect backdrop for a photo or film shoot, a podcast recording, or even a pop-up art show. But it can be costly to rent a listing overnight, especially if you only need the space for an hour or two. So, how can STR hosts collaborate with local creative entrepreneurs to make the most of the space available AND support the arts in their community?

Sid Kosatsky is the founder and CEO of HostOften, a vacation rental property management firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Today, he joins me to discuss his new venture, CollabOften, a partnership with local artists and creative entrepreneurs. Sid shares the process he has developed to allow photographers, podcasters and filmmakers to use his units for free in the slow season and between guests.

Sid also explains the value he gets from the collaboration, describing how local creatives have become brand ambassadors for HostOften. Listen in to understand how Sid manages the risk involved in hosting artists between guests and learn how you might collaborate with local creatives to make the best use of your Airbnb! 

Topics Covered

Sid’s idea to host artists + creatives in his units

  • Availability in slow season and between guests
  • Use spaces to record podcasts, do photo shoots

The rules creatives follow to use Sid’s units for free

  • Use space after cleaning from 1 to 3:30pm
  • Complete checklist (e.g.: no trash, clean sink)
  • Submit photos to get security deposit back

How Sid thinks about risk management

  • Build trusting relationships with creatives
  • ‘They don’t want to let us down’

The value Sid gets back for collaborating with artists

  • Thousands of listing, lifestyle photos of units
  • Free advertising on Instagram (tag @hostoften)
  • Part of creative community in Halifax

Sid’s CollabOften page on the HostOften website

  • Photos + videos of recent collaborations
  • Testimonials from artists, entrepreneurs

Sid’s unique RetroBnB listing on HostOften

  • 1980’s theme (i.e.: video games, monitor TVs)
  • Provides marketing boost, priced 15% higher

Connect with Sid


HostOften on Instagram




Sid on GPFYP EP248

Sid on GPFYP EP193

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