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Automatically Collect Guest Emails with StayFi (Ep386)

There are two ways to get more direct bookings: You can either find new customers or get current customers to return. And when you try to recruit brand new guests, you’re competing with the marketing budgets of well-known OTAs like Airbnb. But past guests are much easier to market to and sending an email is free. The question is, what’s the best way to collect our guests’ email addresses?

Arthur Colker is the Founder and CEO at StayFi, the premiere provider of Wi-Fi marketing services for vacation rentals. Founded in 2018, StayFi is on a mission to help short-term rental managers seamlessly collect guest information, build brand awareness and drive more direct bookings.

Arthur also serves as the editor-in-chief of  VRM Insider, a content platform for the vacation rental business.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Arthur joins me to explain why it’s important to collect guest emails and describes how StayFi can help us build a stable of return customers. He offers suggestions for content to send during and after a guest’s stay, challenging us to provide value and keep customers engaged with our brand. Listen in for insight on how StayFi impacts the guest experience and learn how YOU can benefit from using Arthur’s Wi-Fi marketing tool.

Topics Covered

What StayFi does for vacation rental operators

  • Wi-Fi marketing tool built for STR
  • Collects emails when log in to internet

Why it’s important to collect guest emails

  • Build brand separate from OTA
  • Efficient way to do rebooking business

Arthur’s strategies for marketing to prior guests

  • Traditional newsletter or 1:1 emails
  • Targeted digital advertising

What content to send during a guest’s stay

  • Welcome email and link to house guide
  • Suggested restaurants, local activities

What content to send after a guest’s stay

  • Offers to book again with discount
  • Intro to multiple properties
  • Upcoming events in area
  • Personalized 1:1 peer text email

Why most guests don’t mind using StayFi

  • Login common in airports and hotels
  • Promos in exchange for email address

How hosts benefit from using StayFi

  • Collect ALL guest emails
  • Automated and efficient
  • Guest agrees to terms of service
  • Intro guests to STR brand
  • See status of Wi-Fi networks
  • Occupancy alerting
  • Consolidate internet subscription

How hosts can start using StayFi

  • Plug device into home Wi-Fi router
  • Instruct guests to join network

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