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How to Create a Social Impact with Your Airbnb (Ep 283)

87% of consumers prefer to work with businesses that align with their values. So, how can we create a social impact as Airbnb hosts? How do we attract guests by doing good?

Lynn Thurston is the founder and principal at Watersound Management, a firm dedicated to helping business owners develop social impact initiatives. With 20-plus years of experience as a social impact professional, Lynn often speaks on the topics of strategic planning and marketing, presenting at the VRMA International Conference, among many other venues.

Today, Lynn joins me to share what it means to make a social impact and discuss the benefit of making social responsibility a part of your STR business model. Listen in on Lynn’s ideas for demonstrating social responsibility as an Airbnb host and learn her three-step approach to identifying opportunities to create a social impact in your community—AND attract guests to your Airbnb!

Topics Covered

Lynn’s insight on the definition of social impact

  • Related to broad social issues (e.g.: poverty, education, clean energy)
  • Businesses engage in social issues in local community

The benefit of growing a social impact business

  • Consumers prefer businesses that align with values
  • Opportunity to do something good

How an Airbnb host might demonstrate social responsibility

  • Recycle, use green cleaning products and sensor lights
  • Recommend restaurants based on values (i.e.: organic, green)
  • Become member of local organizations, volunteer
  • Suggest socially responsible activities to guests (e.g.: plogging)
  • Provide free accommodations during conferences
  • Help organizations generate additional revenue for cause

Lynn’s approach to identifying social impact opportunities

  1. Find alignment of values between you + your guests
  2. Update owner profile, rental description with social initiatives
  3. Initiate social impact partnership with local NGO

Connect with Lynn

Watersound Management

Email lthurston@watersoundmanagement.com

Lynn on VRMintel



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