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How to Create an Incredible First Impression as a Host Through Your Airbnb Listing (EP 309)

What’s the most important part of a short-term rental (STR) listing? Most hosts focus on the space itself, making it a point to have beautiful photographs that make the property look as attractive as possible. But it’s just as important to communicate who YOU are through the Airbnb listing, creating a very positive first impression so that guests feel comfortable booking with you. But what does that look like?

Rebecca Cramer is the Superhost behind Mad Men Vacation Rentals, a small STR business with listings in Ocean City, Maryland, and Kissimmee, Florida. Her third property in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, is scheduled to go live in the summer of 2020. Rebecca started hosting on Airbnb in January of 2018 and quickly realized how much she loved helping guests make memories in the very places she and her family love. The success of her Mad Men Beach House and Mad Men Magic Kingdom prove that newcomers can still make it in a competitive STR market.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Rebecca joins me to discuss her Airbnb origin story, explaining how renting the family’s beach house to afford the mortgage quickly turned into a small business. She describes how she creates a unique experience for families at her Madmen Magic Kingdom property near Disney World and offers insight around staging your space for photos and managing units remotely.  Listen in for Rebecca’s top four strategies for earning exceptional reviews and learn how to build a trusting relationship with guests through your listing on Airbnb.

Topics Covered

How Rebecca got into Airbnb

  • Dream of having beach house in Ocean City, Maryland
  • Rent on Airbnb to afford mortgage, turn into business

What prepared Rebecca to be a good host

  • Family goes big on hospitality at gatherings + holidays
  • Work in retail, as nurse (make people feel cared for)

How Rebecca builds a relationship through her listings

  • Humor and enthusiasm in captions, description
  • Profile picture = family photo

How Rebecca creates an experience at Madmen Magic Kingdom

  • Themed rooms (princess castle, Pirates of the Caribbean)
  • Pool with inflatables + unique game room
  • Costumes for kids to play dress-up

Rebecca’s tips for staging units for photos

  • Help guests envision themselves in space
  • Details like glass of wine on patio table

What sets Rebecca apart as a host

  • Quality photos AND very positive reviews
  • Go above and beyond to show you care

How Rebecca earns exceptional reviews

  1. Guidebook with info about house and area
  2. Communicate desire to give best possible experience
  3. Automated message re: 5-star experience
  4. Respond right away when guests reach out

Rebecca’s insight on managing units remotely

  • Connect with handyman and cleaners willing to help
  • Put together good team of people you trust

How to be successful as a newcomer in a competitive market

  • Leverage heart and passion
  • Don’t need degree, just need to really care

Connect with Rebecca

Mad Men Vacation Rentals

Mad Men on Instagram

Mad Men on Facebook



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STR Legends Mastermind

Email jasper@getpaidforyourpad.com

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