How to Create Unique Hospitality Experiences (EP 303)

How to Create Unique Hospitality Experiences (EP 303)

Does your Airbnb have the delight factor? The most successful short-term rental (STR) hosts surprise their guests with unique hospitality experiences. They leverage the playful headspace we’re in when we travel to create quirky spaces that keep people coming back.

Amy Gilbert is the creator of Givingtree Hospitality, an STR property management firm out of Blue Mountain, Canada. An Airbnb host since 2011, Amy has a special talent for turning unlikely spaces into popular and profitable vacation rentals.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Amy joins me to explain how she creates unique hospitality experiences with quirky listings like the Lovable Karma Cabin and the Retro Airstream Glamping Retreat. She shares some of the delight factors that make her listings special and discusses how she pitches cohosting clients with the prospect of making more money—by working less! Listen in for Amy’s insight on running with your fun ideas and learn how to turn imperfections into features that guests will love.

Topics Covered

How Amy got into Airbnb

  • Started as traditional bed and breakfast
  • Use Airbnb as marketing tool for guest cabin

Amy’s insight on creating a listing with soul

  • Perfection not necessary to attract guests
  • Leverage quirks with travelers (playful headspace)

What makes Amy’s glamping listings special

  • BBQ pit and s’mores kit
  • Instagram-able, off-grid experience

Amy’s Beehive women’s retreat

  • Unique space with no square corners
  • Cater to bachelorette parties + bridal showers

What Amy offers as a cohost

  • Help clients take listing to next level
  • Rebrand with services, extras

How Amy finds owners to work with

  • Got start on Airbnb cohosting marketplace
  • Now word-of-mouth and cold calling

Amy’s advice for aspiring short-term rental hosts

  • Don’t wait for things to be perfect to start
  • Turn imperfections into feature
  • Be honest about being new host

Amy’s tips for successful hosting on Airbnb

  • Invest in tasteful décor + curate experience
  • Be generous and infuse ‘delight factor’
  • Anticipate guest needs, run with fun ideas

Amy’s take on listing photos

  • Use professional real estate photographer
  • Include photos of real guests using space

Connect with Amy

Givingtree Hospitality

Givingtree on Instagram


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