How To Use Email Marketing To Drive Bookings (EP. 332)

How To Use Email Marketing To Drive Bookings (EP. 332)

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Today we're talking to Mark Simpson from Boostly again about how to use email marketing to drive bookings. Mark first tells us about why email isn't dead, why it's a more powerful platform than algorithm-controlled social media like Facebook and Instagram, and why it's an important marketing strategy for your vacation rental.

Topics covered

In this episode, we cover:

✅ Why email is the fast lane to getting more bookings (and why the slow lane is social media)

✅ Why email marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing (and how to make it not spammy)

✅ Which guests to target (past or future)

✅ How to get guest email addresses

✅ What (free) software to use for your email marketing campaigns

✅ How to be GDPR-compliant in your email marketing

✅ What data to get from your guests to make the most of emails

✅ How to track who opens your emails and clicks the links

✅ What kind of emails to write

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    Hi I have subscribed but I am unable to find notes from your podcast. Can you tell me where to locate them.

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