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Email Marketing Tips for Airbnb Hosts to Drive Direct Bookings (Ep453)

Do you ever wonder what is the most efficient way to market to your guests? We’ll give you the answer: it’s email.

Email marketing can seem daunting, but it’s actually a lot easier than you might think.

Ryan Austin is the Co-Owner of Switchback Email, a company that provides professional email marketing consulting, services, and software. Arthur Colker is the CEO and Founder of StayFi, a platform that provides vacation rental WiFi and collects valuable guest data so STR hosts can drive repeat bookings.

Ryan and Austin work together between Switchback Email and StayFi and join me on this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad to discuss the ins and outs of effective email marketing.

They discuss everything from recommended communication cadences and automation tools, to brand storytelling and ROI (return on investment).

Listen in to learn more about why capturing guest emails and using them strategically leads to a much higher chance of them returning to your property in the future.

Topics Covered

Why capturing guest emails is crucial to ensure they stay at your property again

How Arthur created an easier way to capture guest data and drive repeat bookings

How Ryan uses drip campaigns and location-based emails to offer a better experience and connection opportunity for guests

Why email is the most efficient way to market to people

The importance of following permission and consent laws when creating email lists and campaigns

How to start with automation tools to gather advanced guest data

Recommended cadence for emails and touchpoints to guests

How brand storytelling and location education can lead to higher click through rates

The relationship between ROI and brand recognition

Automated emails vs general marketing emails

Arthur and Ryan’s tips for getting into email marketing

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