EP008: Tax Implications For Airbnb Hosts With Vincenzo Villamena

EP008- Tax Implications For Airbnb Hosts With Vincenzo Villamena

EP008: Tax Implications For Airbnb Hosts With Vincenzo Villamena

We get lots of questions from Airbnb hosts relating to tax-issues. That's why we've invited tax expert Vincenzo Villamena to the show. Vincenzo is also known as the Online Tax Man and he advises clients on their taxes.

Show notes

Vincenzo sheds light on how Airbnb hosts should report their extra income, what they can and cannot expense as well as a range of other topics such as:

  • Tax implications of investing abroad and in the U.S. in short-stay properties as an American
  • What are good places to invest abroad
  • Do's/Don't for offshore real estate investing
  • Tax implications for foreigners buying property in the US

Show notes:

Vincenzo's business: Online Taxman

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  1. Danny Jellis says:

    Your tax man didn’t realy make the pint that taxes are very different for many jurisdictions that AirBnB host live in. In Canada for instance, depreciating your personal residence or any additions is really not recommended because the capital cost deduction must be repaid when the house is sold. In these days of quickly escalating property values it can be a trap to deduct capital costs in the short term. Several months ago I presented a talk on taxation for AirBnB’ers in Canada. I handed out some notes and would be happy to forward a copy to you if you can supply an email address.

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