EP011: Real Estate in Las Vegas with Deven Chase

EP011- Real Estate in Las Vegas with Deven Chase

EP011: Real Estate in Las Vegas with Deven Chase

In this episode we talk with Deven Chase and discuss real estate in Las Vegas. In particular, we discuss investment opportunities with regards to Airbnb.

It turned out to be a really interesting talk for people who are considering buying a property in Las Vegas and listing it on Airbnb. Check it out!

Show notes

For more information about real estate in Vegas, check out Elite Homes or contact Deven at deven(at)chaseyourestate.com.

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  1. Carmen says:

    My friend told me about your podcast, Thank you for sharing. I find your podcasts very informative and useful!


  2. Andy Stahl says:

    I’m really surprised that Deven didn’t mention the difference between buying in Henderson, N Las Vegas, Las Vegas, and Clark County. The laws regarding transient rentals can change from area to area, and even street to street! All his tips are moot if you get a notice from the authorities that they are going to inspect your property in 24 hours for running a transient rental property in a residential community.

    • Jasper says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this Andy.

    • Deven Chase says:

      Thank you for listening, Andy. Actually, topics of HOA, CIC, CCR’s and due diligence were discussed in this podcast as it pertains to the matter at hand. Of note, since this was recorded, there has been new legislation introduced in Las Vegas whereas the leniency for regulations regarding short term rentals has been tightened and changed. This is the case in all major cities globally and on a continuum. Hence, this should be common knowledge to any and all who are remotely interested in this type of investment. I tend to focus on beneficial tips to help a potential buyer as opposed to the restrictions and crackdowns.

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