EP032: The Five Most Common Mistakes Airbnb Hosts Make

EP032: The Five Most Common Mistakes Airbnb Hosts Make

EP032- The Five Most Common Mistakes Airbnb Hosts Make

Jasper talks about the five most common mistakes that Airbnb hosts make. These mistakes are all easily prevented and doing so will significantly improve the results of your Airbnb listing.

Jasper explains in detail how to make sure to prevent these mistakes. He talks about how to get great pictures for your listing, how to communicate with your guests, how to respond correctly to reviews, setting the right cancelation policy and how to set your prices optimally.

In this episode you will learn:

Why pictures are important

1) Pictures are the FIRST thing users will look at
2) Pictures determine whether users will check out your listing
3) Bad pictures prevent users from booking your place

How to get good pictures

1) Get the Airbnb Photographer (it’s FREE!!!)
2) Make sure your house is tidy and there is enough light
3) Upload a picture of every room
4) Add pictures of your neighborhood
5) Add a floor plan
6) Add a picture of your internet speed (speedtest.net)

How to communicate with your guests

1) Be responsive
2) Provide a guidebook
3) Ask questions
4) Contact your guests several times pre-arrival
5) Contact your guests within 24 hours after arrival

Why you should respond to reviews

1) Only takes a few minutes
2) Shows that you care
3) Respond to everyone, not just negative ones
4) Be polite
5) Mention you will make improvements
6) Never argue with guests (win the battle, lose the war)

Why you shouldn't use a strict cancelation policy

1) Deters guests from making inquiries & bookings
2) Use flexible or moderate
3) Guest won’t cancel very often
4) If canceled, you can still get another booking

How to adjust pricing according to demand based on

1) Weekday vs Weekends
2) Seasonality
3) Special dates
4) Last minute pricing

How to find out how demand varies over time

1) Check prices and availability of hotels
2) Check the calendar of nearby Airbnb listings
3) Search for visitor stats (local tourism board)
4) Search for events, conferences, concerts etc
5) Experiment

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