EP066: w/ Ali Ben Lmadani, Co-founder of EasyGuests

EP066- w: Ali Ben Lmadani, Co-founder of EasyGuests

EP066: w/ Ali Ben Lmadani, Co-founder of EasyGuests

Ali Ben Lmadani is co-founder of EasyGuests, an Airbnb management company. Ali is an Airbnb host himself and he experienced the need for someone to manage his apartment as he didn't always have time to attend to his guests. This made him realize there is a market for managing other people's Airbnbs and thus he started EasyGuests with his sister.

EasyGuests offers a wide range of Airbnb listing management services, ranging from handling guest communications to managing your entire listing. In addition, they offer extra services such as a shuttle service arrangement for your guests and special amenities for business travelers.

EasyGuests is currently available in New York, Paris, London, Montreal, Miami and Munich. More cities coming soon, such as Dubai and Singapore.

Special offer: Sign-up now and use code GPFYP to get one cleaning and check-in service for free! ($95 value).

If you have questions about EasyGuests you can connect with them on Facebook and Twitter.

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