EP091: Airbnb hosting in Berlin with Fabian Dittrich

Fabian Dittrich

EP091: Airbnb hosting in Berlin with Fabian Dittrich

Digital Nomad Fabian Dittrich joins Jasper on this episode to explain his unusual lifestyle and how he uses Airbnb to generate extra income while traveling the globe!

Fabian spends every winter, (roughly six months) traveling in his Land Rover and the other six months of the year in his spacious Berlin flat. Fabian recently started renting out his apartment via Airbnb while traveling and has doubled his monthly apartment rental income.

He shares with us some tips and tricks to attracting the best renters and what NOT to write on your Airbnb listings.

Fabian doesn’t only use Airbnb as a host. When not sleeping in his modified Land Rover, Fabian uses Airbnb almost exclusively for booking his stays in countries around the world.

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