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EP235: Time for Change

It's time for a change, I've been writing and talking about Airbnb since 2014. Back then there was very little information out there and I was very passionate and dedicated to create a resource that could help Airbnb hosts get better results from their Airbnb listings.

I felt like that resource didn't exist, a comprehensive guide from A to Z to guide hosts from creating their listing to hospitality advice and how to manage their business. That's why I wrote the book Get Paid For Your Pad.

Now, four years later, there are a lot of good resources out there. Different books, podcasts, websites and video courses, and so I feel like it's time for me to move on.

About a year ago, I sold my apartment in Amsterdam. I wanted to re-invest the money into several properties around the world. The idea was to live in my own places part of the year and rent them out the rest of the year.

I've spent the better of last year traveling around the world looking for places to invest. I ended up purchasing three units, one in Cali, Colombia, one near Boracay, The Philippines, and recently one in Bang Saray, Thailand.

I've learned a lot on the way and I've started writing my experiences in a new book that's set to come out this summer or fall. The book contains all the lessons I've learned from researching properties overseas as well as real life stories from ten other short term rental investors.

I feel more passionate about the topic of investing in short term rentals than just Airbnb hosting. In addition, there's little information on this topic out there. That's why I decided to change the angle of the podcast to the investing side.

I've also decided to change up the format of the podcast. I will no longer publish every Monday and Friday and will no longer do the news episodes every Friday. Instead, I'll put them up when I feel inspired to talk or when I have good internet to be able to interview guests.

Typical guests that I will look to interview are mostly people who've already invested abroad. Questions to ask will be why they chose the location, the type of property, how they financed it and how they manage it.

I think the show will still be interesting to those who aren't looking to invest because the questions you need to ask yourself as an investor (such as what's my audience, how do I brand my property, how do I manage it) are very relevant to current Airbnb hosts as well.

I hope by changing the angle I'll feel more passionate about what I do and at the same time I'll be able to create valuable and unique content for my listeners.

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Email: jasper@getpaidforyourpad.com

Twitter: @GetPaidForUrPad

Instagram: @GetPaidForYourPad 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/getpaidforyourpad

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