Free Workshop to Scale Your Airbnb Business (Ep487)

Free Workshop to Scale Your Airbnb Business (Ep487)

Every day through our various programs, Eric speaks with people worldwide running STR businesses, and he always asks them the same 3 questions.

They often don't have the answers because they are too tied up in the day-to-day and unclear about where they're going with their company.

But the answers to those questions could be the difference between a burned-out hectic host and owning a million-dollar Airbnb business.

So, what are those questions? And what can you do to get the clarity you need to scale your STR business in any economy?

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Eric and I announce our upcoming FREE 2-hour workshop called The Step-By-Step Plan For Scaling Your Airbnb Business to $1M and Beyond that will help you answer those questions and more.

We share the mission behind Overnight Success and discuss the key to making educated, empowering decisions that will set your STR business up for long-term growth, no matter the economic situation.

Listen in for the full details on this hands-on workshop where Eric and I will work with you to implement vital systems and processes from our 90 Day Legends X Program, giving you the takeaways you need to scale your STR Business NOW.

Click here to learn more and reserve your spot for The Step-By-Step Plan for Scaling Your Airbnb Business to $1M and Beyond TODAY!

Topics Covered

  • The Overnight Success mission statement for a successful impact on the STR industry
  • How your mission statement impacts the success of your business
  • Why we chose the parts of the 90 Day Legends X Program we will be sharing with you in the workshop
  • The most powerful way to energize your entire team
  • How to flip the switch from scarcity to an abundant mindset
  • What to pay attention to NOW in your business
  • The key to preparing your business for a slowdown in the economy
  • The critical elements you need for ultimate growth in your STR business


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