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Freewyld Updates: Investigating the Tiny Home Concept for the Freewyld Brand (Ep465)

We’ve run into some construction challenges that could delay our Freewyld project by up to two years.

A massive boom of people moving out of the cities into the mountain areas like Idyllwild, California, has caused a six to 12 month back up of both contractors and counties. By the time we find an architect to design the cabins we want for our Freewyld space and then go through the approval process, find a contractor, and start building, it’s going to stretch our construction process out considerably.

So, we decided to investigate some other options that will get our project back on the road to being completed and profitable much sooner.

On this edition of STR Conversations, Eric and I discuss how we might be able to use prefab tiny homes to decrease the timeframe that the Freewyld community is shut down.

Listen in for insight into the trends in tiny homes and prefab buildings. We’ll walk through the options available in the market right now, plus the risks vs. rewards. I offer my experience and insight into what works in tiny space living. Plus, Eric presents the drawbacks and the advantages of this type of building for the Freewyld brand and our customer avatar.

Topics Covered

●     A background lesson in tiny home specifics and culture

●     The difference between a cabin community and a tiny home community

●     How some companies are leveling up the tiny home

●     How much do you save by building a prefab tiny home

●     What about the longevity of a prebuilt tiny home

●     How does buying prebuilt save money

●     The 3 biggest downfalls of prefab tiny homes

●     What are the benefits of cookie-cutter vs custom-built tiny homes

●     How the approval process differs between tiny homes vs. properties with a foundation

●     How to take advantage of indoor-outdoor living to create an awesome experience for our guests

●     Jasper shares the 3 biggest advantages of a tiny home if it’s done right

●     What types of customizing are possible within the tiny home manufacturing specifications

●     Eric discusses how we could stay true to the brand archetype of Freewyld using tiny homes



Liberation Tiny Homes


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