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Freewyld Updates: Why We Partnered with a Management Company on Freewyld (Ep 473)

Last September, when Eric and I started building Freewyld, our new short-term rental brand, we took over an existing Airbnb business—four cabins on three acres in Idyllwild, California. At that time, we took over the whole business, including the staff.

But over time, we ran into some challenges working with the existing cleaning team.

And then the challenges escalated. We realized the cleaning staff wasn’t the right fit for our company; it was getting so bad that it was putting us in a hectic host position and affecting our bookings and reviews.

It was time to make a change.

On this edition of STR Conversations, Eric and I discuss why we decided to partner with a management company for Freewyld. We share the most frustrating parts that happened in our situation and walk you through the options we looked at when we decided to move on from the team we had in place.

Listen in for insight into how we made this transition from negative team members to a rock-solid A-plus team. We’ll walk you through how making this transition helped us step back from controlling all aspects of the business and more fully into our lane of brilliance to make Freewyld more scalable.

Topics Covered

  • What to do when the team you have is not a good culture fit with the business you're building
  • How surrounding yourself with negativity brings down your entire operation
  • How having the wrong team in place keeps you from building your vision
  • How bookings (and reviews) can be challenged if you don’t have the right cleaning teams
  • How we transitioned away from negative team members and found a better culture fit
  • How we negotiated a cost-effective agreement for higher-level support for our properties
  • What we learned about bringing on experts
  • How surrendering control over some aspects of the business leads to growth
  • The biggest advantages of hiring and upleveling a team
  • How investing in yourself and your business leads to a higher ROI
  • The immediate payoff of our new team partnership


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