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From 15 to 50 Airbnbs in One Year (Ep451)

Trying to grow a short-term rental (STR) company in a pandemic might not seem ideal, but the truth is that the industry is blossoming.

Believe it or not, there are some tips and tricks that can help grow your business faster than you think. In the case of this episode’s guests, the number of properties increased by 300 percent just last year.

Steven Suárez is the CEO of Argest Rentals, a full-service short-term rental management company. He is also the Co-host of Live Let Thrive, a podcast about Airbnb and the sharing economy. His business partner Federico Zimerman is the COO of Argest Rentals and extremely well-versed in the hospitality game, having flown over one million miles, to over 60 countries.

Steven and Federico join me for the second time on Get Paid for Your Pad to discuss how they grew Argest Rentals from 15 properties to nearly 50 in 2021 alone.

We chat about everything from finding new properties to the benefits and challenges of working virtually with teams of people across the world.

Listen in to learn more about how Steven and Federico have structured their business during a large growth period, tips for hiring new people, and establishing trust with new clients that are fresh in the SRT industry.

Topics Covered

Background on Argest Rentals and how they grew their Airbnb’s from 15 to nearly 50 in one year

Using Upwork to find quality employees for STR businesses

Using WhatsApp to communicate with business partners and teams across the world

The biggest challenges Steven and Frederico faced as their company started growing rapidly

The hardships and payoff of building a Virtual Assistant team to cover 24/hour business customer service

The power of word of mouth and how Steven and Frederico used that to grow their business in 2021

How to work with clients that are new to the industry and establishing trust with them

Balancing running an STR business with having a full-time job and when it might be time to quit your full-time job

Connect with Steven and Frederico

Argest Rentals

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Argest Rentals on Facebook

Email argestrentals@gmail.com


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