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From 8 to 50 Units in Less Than a Year (Ep380)

Do you see other short-term rental hosts as competitors or potential collaborators? It may seem counterintuitive, but connecting with other STR entrepreneurs for support can lead to opportunities for partnerships and additional income streams. And it’s that kind of abundance mentality that helped today’s guest scale from 8 to 50 units in less than a year.

Aaron Kirkham is the Founder of Kirkham Kastles, a short-term rental management company based in Park City, Utah. He operates 50 properties in Washington, Idaho and Utah, leveraging a background in marketing and hospitality to scale his STR business despite a global pandemic. Aaron is also the creator of several STR service companies, including Rubbish Rollers and Vacation Rentals Cleaning.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Aaron joins me to explain how he grew from 8 to 50 units in 2020, discussing why travelers are drawn to the area and what new challenges he is facing as he scales. He shares his unique approach to solving problems in his business, describing how he collaborates with fellow STR operators and what companies he has started to support other hosts. Listen in for Aaron’s insight on managing your time as a ‘hectic host’ and get his top tips for managing units in other states.

Topics Covered

How Aaron grew from 8 to 50 units in less than a year

  • High demand in conservative area despite pandemic
  • Show owners profit potential vs. long-term rental

Why travelers are attracted to Utah, Idaho and Washington

  • World-class ski resorts in winter
  • Convention centers and Silicon Slopes

What Aaron does to connect with other STR operators

  • Start open Facebook group for help and referrals
  • Mastermind group to share processes, collaborate

Aaron’s approach to solving problems in his business

  • Find solution for selves, be resource for others
  • Leverage solution to generate new income stream

What companies Aaron has started to support other hosts

  • Rubbish Rollers (trash to curb service)
  • Vacation Rentals Cleaning

Aaron’s insight on how to handle snow removal as a STR host

  • Landscaping companies transition to snow removal
  • Outsource to cleaner or kid in neighborhood

The new challenges Aaron is facing as he scales his business

  • Finding great team members, service providers
  • Giving up element of control

Aaron’s advice on managing your time as a ‘hectic host’

  • Let clients go when low return on time invested
  • Charge what you’re worth to make more doing less

How Aaron manages units in three different states

  • Network in new location, join local groups on social
  • Have go-to person in place plus backup options

Connect with Aaron

Kirkham Kastles

Rubbish Rollers

Vacation Rentals Cleaning

Email aaron@kirkhamkastles.com

Call (208) 252-4123


Alta Ski Area

Brighton Resort

Solitude Mountain Resort

Visit Ski City

Ski Resorts in Park City

Silicon Slopes

Dinosaur National Monument

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