From Hectic Host to Legend in Less Than 1 Year (Ep490)

From Hectic Host to Legend in Less Than 1 Year (Ep490)

How do you grow from one rental cabin in the woods to becoming well on your way to being Colorado's premiere boutique portfolio of luxury vacation rentals?

Thomas Barry has worked in the private service industry with very high net worth families, offering high-touch hospitality services for 25 years. He started his STR business Hosting from the Heart, with his wife, Tina, in 2015 after the birth of his first child. Over the past seven years, HFTH has grown to 18+ unique luxury properties.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Thomas joins me to walk us through the home-away-from-home guest experience and the technologies Hosting from the Heart used that led to homeowners seeking them out for help in managing their luxury mountain properties.

Listen in as Thomas shares ‌how he went from a hectic host and W-2 employee to a full-time STR entrepreneur. Plus, what he and his team learned from Legends X that helped them double their growth target in just 12 months to take them closer to their goal of being Colorado's premiere boutique portfolio of luxury vacation rentals.

Topics Covered

  • How expanding their family led Thomas and his wife to try the Airbnb model
  • The core values and sole purpose of Hosting from The Heart (hint: it's not just about the money)
  • The opportunity HFTH found through master leasing
  • How their use of dynamic pricing led to more owners signing with HFTH
  • The 3 big changes the Legends X STR Accelerator program helped Thomas make to catapult the growth of his business
  • How Thomas went from hectic host and W-2 employee to full-time STR host
  • An inside look at where Hosting from the Heart is focusing after attending the Legends X Mastermind

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