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From Host to Hospitality Brand (Ep360)

The short term rental industry has completely changed. Guests are staying closer to home and more focused on unique experiences they can create themselves. What can you do to create a memorable COVID-friendly stay? How do you beat the stress and build a thriving Airbnb brand?

On this episode of Get Paid For Your Pad, Eric and I talk about our upcoming masterclass ‘From Host To Hospitality Brand’. Regardless of whether you have one property or a hundred, building a real brand is essential to be profitable in 2021 and the future of Airbnb. We’re covering the importance of people, the new amenities you need, and what’s to come.

Click on the video below to watch and listen to this podcast episode:

Topics Covered

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– Make 5-10k in 10 minutes (real action steps you can take now)
– Open to any host
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Why the short term rental industry has changed forever

– People are working from home or want special experiences
– Travel concerns = more frequent communication
– Higher expectations

The Airbnb amenities Eric recommends for 2021

– Fastest wifi available, with screenshot for listing (or no wifi – disconnection!)
– Work stations
– Full kitchen and setting for families
– Pet and family ready

Work on your business, not in it

– Focus on profit over revenue and bookings
– You could be eating lunch all day (you need systems and processes)
– Are you hiring A players?
– Build an identity – guests will seek you

Create the perfect experience for your ideal customer

– Who are you servicing? How are you attracting them?
– Match listing name to your ideal customer
– Highlight amenities (let people know!)

Know your tribe

– Who are you as a company?
– Who are you servicing?
– Who can you learn from? – get a mentor

Why you need a brand

– People trust and seek out brands (like Whole Foods)
– Brand identity = Fewer questions, less communication
– Branding is for hosts of all sizes

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