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From Masterleasing to Managing Short-Term Rentals in Sarasota (Ep442)

In the beginning of 2020, Tia Castle had numerous masterleases but quickly found herself in quite the dilemma when she had no bookings due to the pandemic.

During this time she knew she had to make a change, and a big one.

Fast forward to today, Tia now manages family-friendly homes in Florida and runs CastleLux Rentals where she helps investors in their journey with vacation rentals. So, how did she go from masterleasing to short-term rentals during a pandemic and what has she learned from this big adjustment?

Tia is the founder of CastleLux Rentals, a vacation rental management company that helps investors to pinpoint their Airbnb vacation rental property. Her real estate journey started with her luxury Real Estate reality TV show, “Home and Castle TV”  that was broadcasted in Florida and Canada, showcasing rental properties and their famous owners.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Tia joins me to share her journey from television production and journalism to managing short-term rentals for families, describing how Legends X STR Accelerator has helped her during the huge transition.

She walks us through the transition she experienced not only from her reality TV show to real estate but also from masterleasing to short-term rentals and what she has learned along the way.

Listen in for Tia’s insight on finding the right market and rental property for you and the network and opportunities that she has benefited from with the STR Legends community, especially during the struggle of the pandemic.

Topics Covered

  • Why Florida is one of the hot spots for short term and vacation rentals
  • The changes that Tia has seen in the market in Florida
  • Tia’s insight on choosing where to invest
  • How Tia originally got involved with Airbnb
  • What Tia has learned from her past masterleases
  • The luxury market and model that Tia is following with modern family-friendly homes
  • The adjustment from a masterlease model to a management model
  • Tips on making the transition from masterleases to managing homes (delegating, and give the attention needed to the owners, clear communication)
  • How Legends X has allowed Tia to network with people and become apart of a book project

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