How to Get Inspired to Create a Unique Airbnb (Ep 284)

How to Get Inspired to Create a Unique Airbnb

How to Get Inspired to Create a Unique Airbnb (Ep 284)

Jot down your top three travel experiences. What made your stay so special? If you are looking for inspiration to create a unique Airbnb, considering what you appreciated most about those spaces is a good place to start.

Nadia Rodriguez is a property appraiser and successful Airbnb Superhost with an upscale listing on the beach in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Today, she joins me to discuss where she goes for the design inspiration that makes her Airbnb stand out.

Nadia describes her design aesthetic, explaining how her taste aligns with that of hotelier Liz Lambert and how she was inspired by a recent visit to Hotel San José in Austin. Listen in for Nadia’s insight on taking the guest’s sensory experience into consideration and get inspired to create a unique Airbnb of your own!

Topics Covered

How the infrastructure has improved in Puerto Rico

  • Continue to rebuild after Hurricane Maria
  • Significant improvement in streets, electric

Nadia’s advice on where to find design inspiration

  • Find aesthetic you enjoy
  • Follow designers on Instagram, Pinterest

Where Nadia gets inspiration + ideas for her Airbnb

  • Attracted to aesthetic of Liz Lambert
  • Bring hotel experience to STR (e.g.: bathrobes)

How Liz Lambert’s hotel design resonates with Nadia

  • Retro with modern twist, Spanish villa
  • Balance space with warm + cold materials

How to improve your STR guest’s sensory experience

  • Includes sight, touch and smell
  • Make choices that consider all

Other factors that contribute to Nadia’s success

  • Remain calm, collected under pressure
  • Make guests feel safe + be available

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