EP003 – Interview w/ Glenn Cooley, founder of the New Host Forum

EP003 – Interview w/ Glenn Cooley, founder of the New Host Forum

EP003 - Interview w: Glenn Cooley, founder of the New Host Forum

In this episode we have a very special guest, Glenn Cooley. Glenn is the founder of one of the biggest and most active Airbnb Groups, the New Host Forum. The group is a place where hosts share experiences and advice on Airbnb hosting.

Glenn has a really interesting story that he shares with us in this episode as well as some great advice on Airbnb hosting, particularly on the use of electronic locks.

Show notes

Electronic locks

ResortLock ($299 – $399): good but expensive. Common in the VR segment. Requires a complete reinstallation of the lock.

Lockitron ($179): backordered for 3 months due to production problems. fits on most existing cylindrical residential dead-bolt style locks.

Schlage Touchscreen Deadbolt ($199) Widely available online. Integrates with the Nexia Home Intelligence system which includes wireless cameras, dimmer modules and thermostats (except the Nest).


Glenn's Aibnb Group: New Hosts Forum

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