Green Cleaning and Chemical-Free Airbnbs—with Katrina Papé (Ep405)


Green Cleaning and Chemical-Free Airbnbs—with Katrina Papé (Ep405)

Imagine having chemical sensitivities to the cleaning products used in most short-term rentals and knowing that every time you travel, you are likely to get sick.

Katrina Papé solves this problem with green cleaning. And in addition to attracting travelers with multiple chemical sensitivities, she feels good about minding the health of her guests, her cleaning staff and the environment.

Katrina is the founder and CEO of BnB Equity Group, an investor-focused professional vacation rental property management company based in Seattle, Washington. Katrina has 27 years of experience as an entrepreneur, and her background in business management, interior design and real estate investing give her a competitive advantage in the short-term rental space.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Katrina joins me to explain how her own sensitivities to chemicals following a health crisis inspired her shift to green cleaning—both at home and in her STR units.

She discusses the prevalence of multiple chemical sensitivities and describes how to know if a cleaning product is truly chemical-free.

Listen in for insight on targeting health-conscious guests and learn how to develop your own niche in green cleaning and chemical-free Airbnbs.

Topics Covered

How Katrina got started hosting on Airbnb

  • Went through divorce and health crisis
  • Listed own home to save it in 2014

What inspired Katrina’s shift to green cleaning

  • Health crisis led to chemical sensitivities
  • Extend green cleaning at home to STRs

The prevalence of multiple chemical sensitivities

  • 39% of Americans suffer from MCS
  • Difficult to travel and not be sick

How to know if a cleaning product is chemical-free

  • Get rating at
  • Avoid anything with synthetic fragrance

Where to go for green cleaning products

  • Natural section of grocery store
  • Buy in bulk on Amazon or Thrive Market

The benefits of green cleaning your Airbnbs

  • Health of guests, cleaners and environment
  • Attract health-conscious travelers

How to target guests with chemical sensitivities

  • Add green cleaning, chemical-free to title
  • Include photos of products used

How to be pet-friendly and serve guests with allergies

  • Use Easy Air on rugs, furniture, carpets, etc.
  • Available through

How STR Legends X helped Katrina build her business

  • Support in choosing tech stack
  • Systems in place to expand

Connect with Katrina

BnB Equity Group


Environmental Working Group

Thrive Market

Amazing Solutions

Easy Air Organic Allergy Relief Spray

Legends X 90-Day STR Accelerator



Hostfully [Discount Code PAD]

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  1. Edward Maduro says:

    This is nice or good to here about this chemical free.
    We have been using clean chemical free products for many years, I hear Kat talk about hydrogen peroxide and we use this and baking soda, and for thought drinks we use baking soda and vinegar
    So to here this is great.

    Thank you for sharing
    And have a great day.

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