From Hectic Host to Millionaire Manager (Ep396)

From Hectic Host to Millionaire Manager (Ep396)

Are you cleaning your own short-term rental units? Responding to guest messages at all hours? Do you have to say no to opportunities to add units because you’re maxed out and just can’t take on any more work? 

Then you need our free training, From Hectic Host to Millionaire Manager, an interactive event designed to help hosts like you get out of the weeds and build a STR business that scales.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Eric and I share who will benefit most from our training and describe the advantage of participating in an immersive event like this over a podcast or webinar.

We explain what it means to be a hectic host and discuss how the training will help you implement the systems you need to scale your STR business.

Listen in to understand the VOS system for becoming a millionaire manager and find out how our event can help you get out of the hectic host position and grow a seven-figure Airbnb business!

Topics Covered

What it looks like to be a hectic host

  • Experience running Airbnbs, love STR industry 
  • Want to add more units but burned out

The goal of our upcoming free training

  • Get out of weeds, work ON vs. IN business
  • Implement systems and team to scale

Why we’re doing an interactive event

  • Understand info AND have confidence to act
  • Stay fully engaged, focus only on training

The 5 stages of Airbnb hosting

  1. Traditional host
  2. Side hustle host
  3. Hectic host
  4. Rising star
  5. STR legend

The 3 pillars to becoming a millionaire manager

  • Vision 
  • Operations 
  • Scale


From Hectic Host to Millionaire Manager Training

Tony Robbins

Legends X Short-Term Rental Accelerator



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