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Hosting Remote Workers in Paradise (Ep368)

Remote work became a reality during the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of us learned that you really can do business from just about anywhere. And now that companies like Twitter and Square are giving their teams the option to work from home even after we return to normalcy, remote employees are looking for a cool places travel and do their work. So, what can STR hosts do to capitalize on this opportunity?

Robert Nunez is the vacation rental expert behind Work in Paradise, a STR villa on the island of Aruba that caters to remote workers. The Work in Paradise suites are minutes away from the beach, affording guests the opportunity to snorkel or enjoy a SeaBob adventure when their work day is done. Robert has been hosting on Airbnb since 2013, and in addition to his Aruban villa, he manages a portfolio of 76 units in Philadelphia, Miami, New York and New Jersey.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Robert joins me to explain how he came up with the idea for Work in Paradise, describing what Aruba has to offer remote workers and why he chose to open a new business during the pandemic. He offers insight on attracting remote workers on social media and providing both private and community workspaces (with reliable Wi-Fi) throughout the villa. Listen in for Robert’s advice to STR hosts on seeing the opportunity in a crisis, learning from other operators and challenging yourself to grow every day.

Click on the video below to watch and listen to this podcast episode:

Topics Covered

How Robert ended up in Aruba

  • Visited friend on island last July
  • Struck by beauty and peace

How Robert came up with the idea for Work in Paradise

  • Remote work became reality during shutdown
  • People will want cool place to do business

What Aruba has to offer remote workers

  • Paradise (blue water and consistent weather)
  • Friendly for tourists, lots of things to do

How Robert attracts remote workers to his STR

  • Active on social media
  • Tap into online remote work community

How Robert caters to remote workers in his units

  • Private suite with workstation
  • Work areas throughout villa with reliable Wi-Fi
  • Engage with guests to create community

How Robert profited from staying the course in COVID

  • Added inventory when others ran away
  • Hosted first responders, contractors, etc.

Robert’s advice for aspiring STR entrepreneurs

  • Talk to people already doing it
  • Don’t let people talk you out of opportunity

Robert’s advice for current STR hosts

  • ‘Push the envelope’
  • Do one thing each day to grow

Connect with Robert

Work in Paradise


“Twitter Announces Employees Will Be Allowed to Work from Home ‘Forever’” in The Guardian

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