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How Avant Stay Scaled Their Hospitality Brand to 1,500+ Units in Less Than 5 Years (Ep524)

“Hospitality is really about execution,” — Sean Breuner

There are 23,000 short-term rental companies in the US. But the industry remains fragmented due to how challenging it is to build a scalable, national platform that can deliver a high-level yet standardized experience at every property, to every guest, every time.

AvantStay has scaled its hospitality brand to 1500+ units in less than 5 years.

Sean Breuner is the Founder & CEO at AvantStay. AvantStay is the largest STR brand in the US. With over 1500 properties in over 100 cities, AvantStay delivers a highly curated experience customized to guests' needs, using a proprietary tech suite to power bookings, seamlessly operationalize in-field and remote management, and activate authentic and elevated consumer touchpoints.

On this edition of STR Conversations, Eric and I talk with Sean about his vision to build a brand that takes the luxury of the hotel experience into the short-term rental space.

We discuss how AvantStay is leveraging technology, high-end amenities, and specially designed group spaces to build a trusted brand.

Listen in as he shares the critical elements needed to establish trust with your guests and faith in your brand in order to scale your short-term rental business. Plus, what excites him the most about the STR industry right now.

AvantStay is offering a special just for Get Paid For Your Pad listeners. Use code GPFYP250 for $250 off your next stay.

Topics Covered

  • What people think of when they think of branding in the short-term rental space
  • What you need to run and scale a horizontal operation
  • When you should begin thinking about branding
  • What you can do to improve the guest experience for your guest in all aspects during the complete cycle of the stay
  • What you need to make your brand stand out in the STR space
  • Why it's not always about being better
  • The top 3 ways to gain your guests' trust (and how to lose it immediately)
  • How to deliver a world-class product and match consumer expectations every time
  • Where Sean spends his time as CEO in growing the AvantStays brand
  • The three things a CEO needs to do to consistently deliver their vision for their brand
  • The most important thing to remember when building your brand

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