How systems make your life easier as an Airbnb host (Ep376)

How systems make your life easier as an Airbnb host (Ep376)

How systems make your life easier as an Airbnb hosT

Today we cover one of the most challenging tasks every business owner faces: creating systems and processes. Systems are extremely important for growing a hosting business. Without systems, you'll be stuck in the day-to-day forever as a Hectic Host.

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  • Topic is systems
    • What is a system
    • Why are they important for hosts 
    • What the challenges are and how to solve them
  • What is a system? 
    • SOP, Checklist, template 
    • Method of solving a repeated business issue in a strategic and effortless way 
    • Goal: End up with a proven, repeatable process that produces the same exact result, every time, regardless of who implements the process. 
  • Why are they important? 
    • Saves you time 
    • Allows you to delegate 
    • Get more consistent results 
    • Makes things easier the next time (use less brainpower)
    • Empower others to delegate things 
    • Less room for errors 
    • Makes your business attractive for sale 
    • Learning how to build great systems is a VERY VALUABLE personal skill (#1 challenge that business face is systems and hiring, you’d get hired by any company that operates 30+ units, and you could be making 6 figures as an operations manager. 
    • IN FACT: If you are a master at this, email me and I’ll put you on a list because we are going to hire an operations person in the near future 
  • Importance depending on the stage where you are at 
    • Traditional host: Not essential, you’re small enough to operate without a lot of systems, but still a good idea to build them because 
      • Saves you brainpower 
      • Forces you to really go deep on how you want to make decisions
      • If you ever want to delegate (VA, hire a new cleaner), you won’t need to spend as much time training 
    • Hectic host: Lack of systems is the #1 reason that they feel overwhelmed and get stuck. Somewhere between 5-15 units your life turns into chaos. 
  • Challenges that hosts face
    • It’s faster to operate from memory than to build a system (hectic host already has no time!!!)
    • There’s a learning curve, it’s hard to describe something in detail such that it  makes sense to other people (our brain works differently, and they don’t have the knowledge and experience that you have!) 
    • How do you organize systems and share them with others 
    • This is why most companies don’t have systems, and this is why often their success is their downfall 
    • This is why developing this skill is SOOOOOO valuable 
  • Type of systems
    • Checklists 
    • SOPs (step 1 do this, step 2 do that…)
    • Video process 
    • Templates 
  • Action steps and how to apply this in your hosting business 
    • Whenever you have to do something more than once, create a system
      • How you approve/decline booking requests 
      • How you respond to messages (every question you’ve ever been asked)
      • How you update your prices / calendar
      • How you write reviews 
  • My experience 
    • Traveling in 2012 forced me to create a system for communication and managing my cleaner
      • Issues I ran into: I couldn’t respond to booking requests while I was sleeping and I LOST a few bookings 
      • Communicating with my cleaner for last minute bookings 
      • Solution: I hired a VA and documented my process 
      • My cleaner helped me improve my cleaning system 
        • Not just a checklist, also: 
          • How to get access to the home
          • Where to find the information on who we are hosting
          • Any special requests 
          • Where to find the cleaning materials 
          • How to stage the unit 
          • How to communicate when done 
      • Then when my cleaner went on holiday, she shared the system with her daughter, and she did just as good as a job. (that blew my mind) 
  • Action steps for you:
    • If you want to learn how to become a master systems person, you have to register for a FREE training by Jon Barrett (systems expert!) 
      • Highly recommend you attend this training
        • Makes your life as a host easier (EVEN if you just rent out a spare room)
        • Allows you to grow your hosting business later on 
        • You’ll learn an incredible valuable skill that you can monetize 

If you want the actual systems, organized too where they all link up, with already written out processes, templates and checklists, then keep an eye out for the announcement of our new program. We’ve realized that this is a major roadblock for companies, even the ones in our mastermind, so we’ve created what we call a Playbook that has all the systems you need to scale a hosting business to 30+ units.

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