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How to Accomplish More Through Effective Goal Setting (Ep479)

We all have BIG things we want to achieve in our personal lives and our businesses.

But did you know that unless you get clear on what you really want to accomplish, you can get overwhelmed in building your business without ever achieving your big-picture vision?

On this edition of STR Conversations, Eric and I walk you through how to accomplish more in your business and personal life through effective goal setting.

We discuss the two biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when setting goals plus and we’ll walk you through the 3-step action plan we use for setting goals in our businesses.

I’ll share a story of a personal goal I’m working to achieve, my WHY, and my action plan to get there, and Eric will share a tool he uses to stay on track when he feels like giving up.

Listen in to learn the importance of setting compelling North Star goals for your business and the steps you need to take to get laser-focused so you can achieve them. Plus, the most powerful thing you can do today to reach your biggest goals.

Topics Covered

  • Why both small goals and big goals require the same process to achieve
  • The bucket and rocks goal action plan for reaching more of your targets
  • Two tools to help you stay accountable to your big picture goals
  • The one move that gets your subconscious involved and tells your brain to go to work on achieving your goals
  • The gut check to make sure you are setting the right goals for yourself and your business
  • The most powerful step you can take each day to achieve your goals
  • How to determine if your action plan is getting you closer to your goals
  • The big difference between reevaluating and giving up on your goals
  • The number 1 thing you can do to achieve your number 1 goal


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