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How to Acquire Land and Build Your Own Unique STR Structures (Ep395)

The future of travel is in unique experiences. And the more Instagrammable your short-term rental listing, the more likely you are to succeed in the long term. 

So, what if you could design your space from the ground up, building your own A-frame, log cabin or tree house to rent out on Airbnb?

Alex Jarbo is an Airbnb Superhost out of Asheville, North Carolina, who builds his own unique vacation rental properties. He is also the host of Alex Builds, a YouTube channel dedicated to documenting his journey as a vacation rental developer and manager.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Alex joins me to explain what inspired him to build his own vacation rentals, walking us through the process of buying land and sharing his checklist of things to consider before you build. 

He offers advice on finding the right architect and contractor for your job and working with lenders to finance a STR build.

Listen in for insight on navigating county zoning laws to secure the proper permitting for your Airbnb and get his advice for hosts looking to build their own unique short-term rental properties!

Topics Covered

What inspired Alex to build his own STR properties

  • Got into bidding wars for homes on market
  • Realized could design to be vacation rental

The process of buying land to build STR properties

  • Find real estate agent specializing in land
  • Secure necessary permitting

Alex’s insight around county zoning laws

  • Make sure land zoned for vacation rentals
  • County website, talk to local authorities

Things to consider when you buy land for STRs

  • Access to state-maintained road
  • Access to electricity
  • Availability of satellite TV/internet
  • Ability to accept septic system
  • Depth of water well

Alex’s advice around finding an architect

  • Connect through Fiverr
  • Purchase pre-made plans

Alex’s tips for working with contractors

  • Be sure passionate about unique houses
  • Choose one who communicates well
  • Set up closing draw or line of credit

Working with lenders to finance an Airbnb build

  • Host Financial (uses AirDNA projections)
  • Use regular home loan, live there for 6 mos.

Alex’s advice for hosts looking to build STRs

  • Research to find perfect land
  • Uniqueness of property is key

Connect with Alex

Alex Builds on YouTube

Alex on Airbnb

Email alexbuildschannel@gmail.com 



Alex’s Video on Finding an Architect for Airbnb Builds

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Host Financial


Alex’s Video on Financing Your STR with a Regular Home Loan

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