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How to Attract Mid-Term Stays with Nestpick (Ep430)

Now that remote work has become mainstream, more and more knowledge workers want to travel the world. To spend several months living and working in a location before they move on to the next.

Unfortunately for this new crop of digital nomads, booking mid-term stays through Airbnb is terribly expensive. But there is a platform that caters specifically to guests and hosts looking to book one-, two- or three-month leases.

Omer Kucukdere is the Founder and CEO of Nestpick and Sublet.com, the largest global platform for on-demand housing. Omer’s team targets mid-term stays of more than 30 nights but less than a year, serving expats, corporate travelers, international students and the growing population of digital nomads.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Omer joins me to discuss the benefits of using Nestpick over other OTAs or local market platforms and share the supply available on the platform.

We describe the opportunity for hosts in monthly stays, and Omer makes the business case for offering mid-term leases in a post-COVID world.

Listen in to understand the benefits of listing your units on multiple platforms and learn how to attract mid-term stays by adding YOUR properties to Nestpick or Sublet.com!

Topics Covered

What makes Nestpick the Airbnb of mid-term stays

  • Global platform for on-demand housing
  • Targets stays of > 30 days but < 1 year

The STR supply available on Omer’s platforms

  • Nestpick connected to 250+ platforms, 2.75M stays in database
  • Sublet.com serves 675K hosts, 1.5M monthly rentals hosted

The benefits of using Nestpick vs. other OTAs or local platforms

  • Travelers don’t need local credit score to secure lease
  • Significantly lower service fees for hosts and tenants

How the pandemic affected Omer’s business

  • Initially impacted by restrictions on international travel
  • Business increased once vaccines widely available

Why there’s an opportunity for hosts in monthly stays

  • Regulations in large cities where stays < 30 days not allowed
  • Explosion of remote work population post-COVID

Why short-term rental hosts should consider offering mid-term leases

  • Better yield than unfurnished long-term leases
  • Much lower operating costs than daily stays

How to list your properties on Nestpick and Sublet.com

  • Individual landlords sign up at Sublet.com
  • Operators with 10+ units list at Nestpick

Why Omer recommends listing your units on multiple platforms

  • Maximize profits with daily stays during high season
  • Book mid-term stays during low season with lower fees

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