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How to Build Your STR Business Through Fundraising (Ep513)

Do you dream of growing your short-term rental portfolio to tens or even hundreds of units?

Yes, a successful host can invest their profits in buying additional STRs. But it doesn’t take long to run out of your own money.

So, what if you could use other people’s money to purchase more vacation rentals? How does it work to fundraise capital from investors for your STR business?

Daniel Kalenov is Chief Investment Officer at Diversus, a boutique private equity firm that invests in luxury hospitality and affordable housing. Since 1999, Daniel has analyzed, purchased, repositioned and managed income-producing real estate assets, and he has an MBA from Harvard Business School.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Daniel joins me to explain how his mother’s experience with the stock market inspired his interest in real estate investing and why he made the shift from single-family rentals to the STR industry.

Daniel shares his best advice for hosts who want to grow their portfolio through fundraising, describing how a private equity fund works and how to educate prospective investors on STR opportunities.

Listen in for insight on partnering the right deal with the right investor and learn how Daniel has built a global portfolio of ultra-luxury STRs, mobile home parks and boutique hotels.

Topics Covered

  • How Daniel and his mother emigrated from Russia to the US
  • Why Daniel’s mother lost much of her retirement savings and how that experience led him to real estate investing
  • What inspired Daniel’s shift from investing in single-family rentals to the STR industry
  • How Daniel’s private equity fund was born when he ran out of his own money
  • Daniel’s advice to STR hosts who want to grow their portfolio through fundraising
  • Why Daniel suggests sitting down face-to-face to educate prospective investors around the opportunity in STRs
  • How Daniel explains private equity as pooling money from individuals to fund a real estate deal
  • How Daniel leveraged fundraising to scale his portfolio
  • Why Daniel focuses on luxury hospitality and affordable housing
  • Daniel’s 2 boutique hotel projects in Belize and why he chose that market
  • Why it’s crucial to couple the right deal with the right investor

Connect with Daniel

Diversus Fund

Diversus Fund on LinkedIn

Email daniel@diversusfund.com


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