How to Build Your Team to Scale Your Airbnb Business (Ep425)

How to Build Your Team to Scale Your Airbnb Business (Ep425)

When Eric and I started building an Airbnb business together, our hiring process was entirely arbitrary. We would recognize the fact that we needed help, reach out to our network and then hire the first person available.

We didn’t have clear expectations around what the role would entail, which made it impossible to hold team members accountable or help them improve.

So, how did we change our approach to hiring? What is the best way to build a team to scale your short-term rental business?

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Eric and I explain how creating a job score card for each role has been a game-changer in our business, giving an example of how we use key performance indicators (or KPIs) to hold everyone accountable—from our cleaners to the CEO.

We discuss the benefit of conducting performance reviews, describing how these monthly check-ins create intentional space for communication and ensure that your team members are a good culture fit for your STR business.

Listen in for insight on what you need to know about yourself before you start hiring and learn how the ‘hire slow, fire fast’ approach will help YOU find the right team members to scale your Airbnb business!

Topics Covered

Why we recommend creating a job score card for each role

  • Communicate expectations with description of tasks and KPIs
  • Offer feedback, review culture questions at monthly check in

How we use a job score card for the cleaners on our STR team

  • Expectations clear with KPIs (5-star review for every turnover)
  • Track and offer feedback at review, identify if need support

The benefit of conducting monthly performance reviews

  • Creates intentional space to communicate with team regularly
  • Easier to have honest conversation within structure of review

What it means to hire slow and fire fast in your Airbnb business

  • Set team up for success by finding person invested in vision
  • If team member not fulfilled by role, better off elsewhere

Why it’s crucial to hire team members who are a good culture fit

  • Important to align around core values for decision-making
  • Diverse global team all committed to world-class experience

What you need to know about yourself before you hire a STR team

  • Understand individual skill set and how you perceive world
  • Hire team with complementary skills or different perspective


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