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How to Create a World-Class Guest Experience on Airbnb (Ep459)

How do you take an Airbnb property from a stay to an experience?

The goal of any Airbnb is to understand your guest avatar so well that you can create an experience that makes your guest feel like they have found their own special place.

Recently, Eric and I were chatting on the podcast when he mentioned he and his girlfriend had stayed at the Retrograde Retreat in Joshua Tree, designed by my guest. Eric shared ‌they were just blown away by how the space felt like it was created just for them.

We all know the competition for stays is fierce, especially in places like Joshua Tree. So how do you stand out as an Airbnb host? What raises the bar from a regular guest stay to a world-class guest experience on Airbnb?

Bryce Cano is the Founder and Vice President of Hygge Home Rentals. With his special knowledge in the real estate investment and travel arena, he offers intimate knowledge of how to maximize your property's potential.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Bryce joins me to share his insight into how to provide the amenities and extra touches your Airbnb guests are looking for. He walks me through how Hygge Home Rentals creates anticipation for the stay from the moment the booking is made.

He walks us through how they connect the dots in brand and tone to offer guests a sense of what to expect while creating a personality that matches each one of their properties.

Listen in for Bryce’s insight on pivoting from trying to appease everybody to laser focus on exactly who you're creating your Airbnb experience for, your ideal guest avatar.

Topics Covered

  • How to home in on your guest avatar to design world-class experiences exclusively for them
  • How to raise the bar and create spaces that don’t break the bank
  • The secret to creating anticipation about a guest visit from the moment they book
  • The multi-pronged approach to an awesome Airbnb guest experience
  • Why having the right team is a game-changer for any Airbnb host
  • How to infuse a property with Instagrammable spaces
  • How to use influencers to highlight the special amenities of your Airbnb space
  • Why photo captions are paramount in helping the viewer visualize your Airbnb experience
  • Insider secrets on how to stand out and compete for Airbnb guests

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