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How to find new Airbnb properties (Ep429)

So, you want to find new Airbnb properties to grow your short-term rental business. But you’re competing with big companies (with big marketing budgets) like Sonder and Vacasa.

You can’t afford to run a Facebook ad campaign or hire a sales team the way they can.

But you CAN grow your influence in the marketplace and make YOUR name the one people think of when they hear ‘Airbnb.’

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Eric and I explain how to create your own property abundance plan and describe how taking daily action to spread the word about what you do attracts opportunities.

We discuss the benefit of focusing on ONE marketing channel rather than trying to be everywhere, challenging you to choose a platform you enjoy and communicate authentically with your avatar there.

Listen in for insight on how to market your short-term rental business on social media and learn how to stay top-of-mind with your network, so they bring new Airbnb properties to YOU.

Topics Covered

Why we recommend staying in your own properties

  • Meet guests and get valuable feedback
  • Find small things to improve experience

How to compete with big companies to find properties

  • Stay top-of-mind with network
  • Grow influence in marketplace

The 3 things that are most important to Airbnb hosts

  1. More listings to increase profits
  2. Fulfillment, enjoy work we do
  3. Lifestyle

What’s involved in creating a property abundance plan

  • Develop rhythms + habits behind marketing
  • Daily action to spread word about what you do

Why you want people to hear ‘Airbnb' and think of you

  • Contact you with questions, to solve problems
  • Come to you with opportunities for new units

Why we suggest dominating ONE marketing channel

  • Can’t get traction trying to be everywhere
  • Easier to take consistent action long term

Why it’s crucial to choose a marketing channel you like

  • Positive energy attracts property leads
  • Communicate authentically with avatar

How to market your STR business on social media

  1. Educate avatar on what you do
  2. Help solve problems
  3. Ask for business


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