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How to Get 100% Five-Star Review on Airbnb (Ep. 340)

Nobody’s perfect. But Martin Chilangles comes pretty close. If you check out his Airbnb listing, you’ll notice that he’s never received anything other than a five-star review. And he does NOT directly ask guests for the five-star rating. So, what is he doing to get the highest possible score—every single time?

Martin is a marketing expert and STR host in Mexico City. Originally from the UK, Martin fell in love with Mexico City in college and returned for good in 2013. An Airbnb Superhost and active member of our STR Profit Academy, Martin has earned 100-plus reviews as a host—all of them five-star.

Today, Martin joins me to share his secrets for getting nothing but five-star reviews, explaining what he does to connect with guests and exceed their expectations. He discusses the marketing principles he applies to his Airbnb, introducing us to his own detailed customer avatar and describing the benefits of knowing your target market. Listen in for insight on finding the unique selling point for your STR listing and learn how YOU can gain a competitive advantage and get great reviews on Airbnb!

Topics Covered

What drew Martin to Mexico City

  • Warmth of people
  • Food and weather

Martin’s secrets to getting nothing but five-star reviews

  • Create personal connection with guest
  • Exceed expectations with gift basket
  • Anticipate problems, respond to messages quickly
  • Give guest five-star review + invite to stay again

How Martin dealt with his most difficult guest

  • Responded to blocked toilet personally (with cleaner, plumber)
  • Brought family $100 in food from local deli

Martin’s advice on marketing your Airbnb

  • Choose niche + target market (e.g.: business travelers)
  • Build out customer persona

Martin’s Airbnb customer profile

  • 40-year-old New Yorker named David
  • Takes international vacations often
  • Doesn’t know Mexico City well
  • Loves discovering new places
  • Likes tacos and drinking tequila

The idea of a unique selling point or USP

  • Gives host competitive advantage
  • Better than competing on cost

The benefit of building out a customer avatar

  • Helps host make decisions
  • Put client’s needs first

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