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How to Grow Your Airbnb Business Using Multiple Airbnb Accounts (Ep486)

It's helpful for property management companies to use multiple Airbnb accounts to simplify overseeing numerous properties.

But what are the pros and cons of managing several accounts? And how can you set things up for more autonomy?

Jason Sterner is the Founder and CEO of Southern Homestay, LLC. Since its inception in 2017, Southern Homestay has strived to create exceptional experiences for its guests while helping investors turn their property liability into income-producing assets through Airbnb. The company aim is to serve people well while building long-term, lasting relationships with its clients.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Jason joins me to explain how he got started in the Airbnb space, how his family built their business and the lessons they've learned along the way.

He shares some of the challenges and payoffs of managing multiple Airbnb listings and how Southern Homestay is adding value to their business partnerships.

Listen in for Jason's insight into how to streamline multiple Airbnb accounts to grow your STR business. Plus, what he and his team learned from Legends X that helped solidify their vision for growth.

Topics Covered

How networking helped Jason build his business

How Jason and Southern Homestay are helping people make more money by doing less

The most important decision to make when setting up multiple Airbnb accounts

The number 1 move Jason made to streamline his business and increase cash flow

The 3 best reasons to use multiple Airbnb accounts

The 2 biggest disadvantages of having multiple Airbnb accounts

How Legends X helped the Southern Homestay team crystalize their goals for the future

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Southern Homestay, LLC.

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