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How to Improve Your Listings’ Search Rank in Airbnb Categories (Ep 474)

Airbnb just released the biggest change to Airbnb categories in a decade.

They completely changed the search on Airbnb, leaving everyone wondering how it will affect their listing and if it will still show up.

Kelvin Mah is the founder of Rankbreeze and an Airbnb SEO specialist. Rankbreeze is a listing optimization software that helps you optimize your listings to make sure you show up in the Airbnb search results.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Kelvin joins me to explain how Airbnb has transitioned from a destination-focused search to an experience-focused search and what he believes prompted this change.

Listen in as we walk through how you can use additional information in all the areas Airbnb allows to come up in more searches.

Kelvin says, “One of the rules around ranking on Airbnb is fighting the filter because everything a guest does is essentially filtering.”

Kelvin shares his insight on how to zoom in and supercharge your listing to get more clicks for MORE BOOKINGS.

Topics Covered

  • How Airbnb is working to shift people's short-term rental investing habits
  • What are the new Airbnb categories and Split Stays feature
  • How to test 3-day minimums to get more Split Stays
  • Does your Airbnb title still play a part in your listing
  • The 2 biggest battles of getting the booking conversion once a user clicks on your listing
  • Why not using photo captions is a missed opportunity for more bookings
  • How to audit the amenities on your Airbnb listing for appearance in more categories
  • How Rankbreeze uses its amenities analyzer to pinpoint the amenities at top-rated properties
  • How Airbnb uses price anchoring to garner more bookings
  • Why NOW is time to get new photos of your Airbnb property
  • How to focus and supercharge your listing to stand out, get more clicks, and more bookings

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