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How to Leverage Virtual Assistants to Scale Your Hosting Business—with Kim Herrlein (Ep407)

Are you still trying to do it all yourself in your short-term rental business? If you’re afraid to be away from your phone even for a few minutes or worried that you forgot to follow up with a guest, it’s time to consider hiring a virtual assistant or two—before you burn out!

So, what do you need to know about hiring VAs? How can they help you scale your STR hosting business?

Kim Herrlein is the founder of Purveyors of Leisure, a short-term rental management company headquartered in the Coachella Valley of California. Kim’s team focuses on large group travel, combining the comfort of a vacation rental with the luxury of resort-style concierge services.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Kim joins me to explain how hiring virtual assistants has been a game changer for her Airbnb business, describing what her VA team does and how she trained them. 

We discuss the common misconceptions around hiring Filipino VAs, and Kim describes the advantages of hiring virtual assistants through an agency like Sphere Rocket or Virtual Staff Finder

Listen in to understand how hiring VAs has helped Kim transition from Hectic Host to Rising Star and find out how YOU might benefit from adding the services of a virtual assistant to your STR team.

Topics Covered

How Purveyors of Leisure caters to large group travel

  • Boutique hotel with 6+ bedrooms on private resort
  • Host weddings, retreats and corporate meetings
  • Host on the ground available from 9am to 9pm
  • Offer concierge services, e.g.: private chef, massage

Why Kim hesitated to hire a VA for her STR business

  • Questioned that there’d be enough work for VA
  • Wasn’t organized enough to hand tasks over

The benefits Kim sees from hiring a team of VAs

  • Fresh eyes on business, implement new ideas
  • VAs do guest communication so Kim can unplug

Kim’s unique approach to training her virtual assistants

  • Share recurring questions + create own cheat sheet
  • Study for 2 weeks before communicate with guests

What Kim is focusing on now that she’s built a VA team

  • Identify new properties to expand portfolio
  • Design work and project management

Why Kim recommends hiring VAs through an agency

  • Get help with hiring process, contracts, etc.
  • Educates you on how to best use VA’s skills

The projects Kim’s VAs are leading in her STR business

  • Creating social media marketing plan
  • Build email list for existing guest outreach

The most common misconceptions about hiring Filipino VAs

  • Don’t speak English well, can’t do complex tasks
  • Being taken advantage of with low wages

Kim’s advice to hosts on working with virtual assistants

  • Give sense of ownership and autonomy
  • Check in regularly and ask for feedback

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