How to Manage Your Cleaners When Scaling Your STR Business (Ep359)

How to Manage Your Cleaners When Scaling Your STR Business (Ep359)

How to manage your cleaners when scaling your STR Business

Cleaners are an integral part of any short-term rental (STR) business, and their role has become even more vital in the season of COVID-19. So, how do you find and train good cleaners? And how do you manage a growing team of cleaners as your vacation rental business scales?

Gosia Cooke is the founder of Coastal Properties Vacation Rentals, the #1 STR management company in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Gosia started hosting her own properties on Airbnb in 2015. Soon, property owners were asking her to manage their vacation rentals, and today, she has grown the business to a portfolio of 70-plus properties. Gosia has a particular expertise in managing cleaners, having developed a system for training a growing staff and eventually selling that part of the business to her cleaning manager.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Gosia joins me to share her advice for finding good vacation rental cleaners and training them to meet extremely high standards. She weighs in on how to manage a growing cleaning staff, describing what she did to standardize the units and schedule both cleaners and inspectors for each property. Listen in for insight on how the Myrtle Beach market has fared through the pandemic and learn how Gosia empowered her cleaning manager to found her own company—and take responsibility for that aspect of the business as Coastal Properties scales.

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Topics Covered

Gosia’s advice on finding good vacation rental cleaners

  • Check with network first
  • Know standards, don’t settle for anything less

How Gosia thinks about training a cleaning staff

  • Be patient and give time to improve
  • Clearly explain expectations (must look brand new)
  • Inspection checklist for inspectors + cleaners
  • Include staging for next group of guests

Gosia’s insight on how to manage your cleaning staff

  • Standardize units (e.g.: bedspreads, throw pillows)
  • Don’t assign one cleaner to certain units
  • Send unit numbers and order night before
  • Hire inspectors to check their work

What inspired Gosia to sell the cleaning business

  • Couldn’t run and scale management company
  • Trusted cleaning manager to take responsibility
  • Free up time to focus on growing business

How Myrtle Beach has performed through COVID

  • Lockdown through end of April
  • Busy through summer (drive-to destination)
  • Quiet now but picking up with snowbirds

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