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How to raise money for your Airbnb business (Ep553)

Due to inflation ​​in the current economic environment, investors are struggling to find a good return on their investments, with many investments offering a low rate of return or even resulting in a loss of money.

So, we're seeing a shift in investor conversations, with high-wealth individuals more interested in parking their money in the right investments with the right people and getting involved in something exciting.

If you have a unique vision, experience aiming vision, and you're solving a unique problem in the space, many investors want to get involved in short-term rentals.

So, how do you start raising money for your Airbnb business, brand, and vision?

Freewyld has raised $2.2 million from investors with a commitment of an additional $2 million for the expansion of one of our hotels and the goal of putting together $20 million worth of funding to acquire more projects this year.

We have a vision and are focused on sharing what we're learning with you as we go.

On this edition of STR Conversations, Eric and I are walking you through the most common questions people have when they first seek investors for the STR business.

We'll discuss the three fundraising stages for your company, including friends and family, seed funding, and Series A funding, and dive deep into where to find your investors, the importance of building a network (and creating authority around it), and “karma capitalism.”

Listen in to learn why investors need startups as much as startups need investors and how you can offer something valuable and exciting to a potential investor.

We're officially opening the Rising Stars Mastermind, a virtual mastermind group for short-term rental operators focused on growing genuine hospitality brands, acquiring real estate, building real teams and systems, and scaling their businesses. Click Here to learn more and set up a call.

Topics Covered

  • The unique advantages of investing in short-term rentals: tax benefits, appreciation, and increased revenue through hospitality branding
  • The trend of high-wealth individuals looking to get involved in something exciting
  • Why your network is your net worth: the actual value and importance of ORGANICALLY networking with other entrepreneurs and investors and sharing YOUR real vision
  • The difference between seed capital and acquisition capital and how investors approach these two types of investments with different mindsets and risk tolerances
  • The 3 things to focus on to build a successful short-term rental brand
  • Launching the Rising Stars Mastermind


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