How to Rent out spaces for events on Peerspace (Ep470)

How to rent out spaces for events on Peerspace

How to Rent out spaces for events on Peerspace (Ep470)

Are you looking for another revenue stream for your short-term rental space?

Does your property have unique features that would be great for a photoshoot or filming a cooking show?

Enter Peerspace the Airbnb for events. Launched in 2014, Peerspace is a global peer-to-peer marketplace that allows you to rent your creative space by the hour for events, meetings, and productions.

On this episode of Get Paid for Your Pad, Matt Bendett, the Co-Founder of Peerspace, joins me to share more about the Peerspace concept and some of the unique ways Peerspace hosts are using their spaces. He walks us through everything from cleaning fees to QR codes and everything you need for a great Peerspace listing.

Matt says, “The magic for us is when people come together with a great idea. And it gets facilitated because they've entered this really cool space. Every day, every booking, there's a story. It's that intrinsic thing beyond making money itself that a host can be proud of that they were able to facilitate. It's really cool.”

Listen in as we discuss how the Peerspace platform may offer another revenue stream for entrepreneurs who understand how an online platform facilitates peer-to-peer reservations. We'll delve into how our listeners can combine Peerspace with Airbnb to maximize occupancy and revenue through hourly bookings.

Topics Covered

●     How Peerspace differs from Airbnb

●     What are the requirements for hosting a Peerspace

●     The 3 most popular types of event bookings on Peerspace

●     What is the core clientele of Peerspace

●     How to combine Peerspace with Airbnb to maximize occupancy and generate more income through hourly bookings

●     How many Peerspace listings can you create from your rental space

●     How to price your listing to attract the types of rentals you want for your space

●     What are major productions looking for in locations for filming

●     What amenities are the most requested by people looking for in a Peerspace rental

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