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How to Rent Your Car on Getaround (Ep 288)

Looking for ways to supplement your STR income? Chances are, most of your Airbnb guests are renting a car locally to explore the area while they travel. Why not make extra money by offering YOUR car on a site like Getaround?

John William Johnson is the founder of Happy Healthy Long Life, an online store dedicated to products that promote health and wellbeing. He is also a veteran short-term rental host and runs a car sharing business through the site Getaround. John takes full advantage of his status as a digital nomad to travel internationally, often trading his pet sitting services for a free place to stay.

Today, John joins me to discuss the process of renting cars on Getaround, explaining how the service differs from Turo and sharing his tips for optimizing a business on the site. He reflects on his 10 years of experience with Airbnb, describing how he evolved as a host and why he’s phasing out his STR business in Portland. Listen in for John’s advice on becoming a digital nomad and leveraging the sharing economy to generate income!

Topics Covered

John’s decade of experience as an Airbnb host

  • Listed room, then entire house in Portland
  • Phasing out STR business as rules change

John’s advice for aspiring Airbnb hosts

  • Must like people, be willing to take risk
  • Talk to guests before stay in home

The process around renting cars on Getaround

  • Platform installs device in car
  • User unlocks car with app
  • Rent by hour or day (e.g.: $6/hour, $36/day)

John’s tips for optimizing a business on Getaround

  • Purchase older car OR electric car
  • Park in well-trafficked location

How insurance works on Getaround

  • Check car after use, photos of damage
  • Platform sends check for repairs

Where John is looking to invest in STR property

How John trades pet sitting for a place to stay

John’s insight on leveraging the sharing economy

  • Trust your gut, not the gurus
  • Take calculated risks

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